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* When Pigs Fly

Posted on November 24th, 2005 by Dave Johnson. Filed under Business, Energy, Politics, Uncategorized.

Climate talks in Montreal are starting today and Richard Black at the BBC seems to think that they will not get anywhere [1] …

Well of course they won’t get anywhere! When it comes down to weighing the livelihoods of some poor Bangladeshis against Americans who _need_ to heat their entire 3000 square foot homes to 23C in the dead of winter or wage wars in the name of oil I think we know who will come out on top. If George really cared about bringing “freedom” to oppressed people around the world then he could start by looking at how the merciless tyranny (blatantly unfair “globalisation” trade rules, climate change, war for oil, etc) of America keeps the world’s poor poor while the rich keep getting richer.

The whole idea of Kyoto is simply ridiculous. Yes, let’s make some outrageously low targets for greenhouse gas emissions that the largest emitters will not even sign up to and after which everyone will realize that the economics don’t work out and so we will all just emit even more to make up for the slow growth in GDP. When will the general public realize that the whole thing is a sham - oh that’s right they won’t.

Just like the “Make Poverty History” crap and Live8 which was deemed a great success by Geldof and made everyone feel warm and fuzzy so they don’t have to think about the poor little children who suffered making the next pair of shoes they buy. It is just like in the recent Dukes of Hazard movie - Hogg (aka George Bush, Tony Blair et al) is just using slight of hand damn it! In everything they do! “Yes we are abolishing $40 billion in debt to Africa” all the while they are just planning on making it actually benefit themselves and their own nations by not having to give that equivalent amount of money in aid and likely getting lucrative natural resource contracts etc. Boss Hogg was going to turn Hazard into a strip mine but the good people of Hazard were complacent and didn’t believe the armadillo helmet wearing crazy guy. Thanks to people like Luke and Bo, Hazard was not destroyed - the problem is that even though we have respectable scientists and campaigners telling everyone that the world is going to end up like a strip mine still no one is listening! Where is Daisy when you need her!

[1] Climate talks - hoops and hot air

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* Got Democracy?

Posted on November 17th, 2005 by Dave Johnson. Filed under Politics.

I have been uber busy of late and neglecting the old blog.

But with all the activity over at the White House I can’t keep quiet.

For all the details check out this blog: Perturbed - Tuesday, November 15, 2005

First of all I have to say that American democracy _might_ be a complete sham. I am just thinking out loud here.

In the United States, one party gets elected to office based on promises made that their constituents believe in but when the chips are down (or even not) the elected people do whatever they want to and blatantly lie about it (or even not). Is this any better than some corrupt African puppet government? It is pretty much the same except that corporate America is in bed with the Government and just enough of the money trickles down to keep the masses who are working hard to get more money and not questioning why they have to work such long hours at Wal-Mart for their whopping $5 an hour which will give back to corporate America when they go buy their Whopper.

As an example of their blatant lies, they have recently lied about the secret meetings between the “Energy Task Force” and oil company executives, lied about using white phosphorus in the war in Iraq, and vehemently denied the use of torture while lobbying to have it legalized. It does of course go on and on. Not to mention the fact that they deceived the entire country just to spend billions on a war for oil by claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction - and now they have the gaul to joke about there not being any! I am sure the families of all those who were killed (on both sides) for a war fought to make George, his dad, Dick etc more money are laughing really hard …

Way to spread freedom and democracy George and then tell people who question you that they are not patriotic - I thought in a free democracy those in power are supposed to listen to the people, not belittle them??? If only someone would come to the aid of the American people who are suffering at the mercy of a corrupt government and a society held in the stranglehold of rampant “everyone for themselves” capitalism.

Of course it’s not much better north of the border.

In other news, enlightened people are still trying to fight the power.


* AJAX Laziness

Posted on November 3rd, 2005 by Dave Johnson. Filed under AJAX, Business, Web2.0.

Having released the latest version of our EBA Grid AJaX control there was a nice comment posted by someone who was expressing their feelings about our new Grid control product not being Firefox compatible (which we really are working hard on). He seemed to think that building products that only support Internet Explorer is “lazy and arrogant”. This type of response seems all too familiar from the open source / Firefox zealot crowd - not that I some sort of M$ evangelist.

In response I thought Iwould give everyone out there a better idea of what drives our commercial AJaX development.

Sure everyone always says this and I will say it again, we have been doing AJaX since before it was AJaX. In fact our first AJaX software was a point of sale system (see bottom left of our site from the Internet Archive) that never really got much up-take - ok maybe making a web based, let alone AJaX, point of sale system was a bit crazy for 2000 much like WebOS was [1]. The point being that we have been targeting Internet Explorer AJaX users for some time. This stems from the fact that Microsoft’s MSDN is a superb resource that made it easy to get up to speed on XML, XMLHTTP and all things DHTML and not mention the fact that no other browser has the XMLHTTPRequest object. In the process of building that software (and some other subsequent software like our unnoticed AJaX content management system from 2002) we built several components that are now slowly morphing into products themselves such as our Grid and Combo products. With the AJaX hype up-take has been good.

As a small business we have two goals - providing good jobs for smart local people and having some fun. To that end, it is desirable to be able to pay the bills and stay in business. With that in mind it’s really dead easy to understand what drives our product choices - our customers. Since over 90% of our target market is IE based and our products were originally developed with IE it just makes sense. As the market has shifted and Firefox usage is growing, we are responding as quickly as any small business on a limited budget can.

So we did not start building our products only when AJaX became popular and, unlike many others, had these products when IE was the only browser supporting AJaX. Sadly, as a business we cannot react as fast as the bleeding edge, working all night, has a day job, free software types that are now jumping on the AJaX band wagon. One of the big problems for us, and where using component driven development provides a lot of value for our customers, is the amount of time it takes to test AJaX applications on all the relevant versions of Firefox for example which all have various quirks not only between versions but even between optimized and regular builds.

This brings me to another issue which is the fact that as a small business we cannot act fast enough to take advantage of the interest in AJaX without selling our souls…more on this later.


[1] MyWebOS - Dave Johnson, July 14, 2005


* EBA AJAX Grid 2.7

Posted on November 2nd, 2005 by Dave Johnson. Filed under AJAX, Business.

After a few little problems we have released the latest incremental changes for our AJaX Grid control. Most prominently we have added a row formula cell type, multiline text area cell type, calendar/date picker cell type and integrated summary row for summing numeric column values.

Check out the EBA AJaX Grid free trial in ASP, PHP or JSP. Stay tuned for version 3 which will be coming out in Beta very shortly and should prove to be uber kick ass!