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* Analytics Benchmarking

Posted on June 28th, 2008 by Dave Johnson. Filed under Web2.0, analytics, robotreplay.

I just saw an advert for Google Analytics in my GMail the other day that mentioned something about a new industry benchmarking feature. I knew immediately what it was.

The idea is that you take the analytics information from all the sites using Google Analytics and generate some benchmarking data by industry and apply it to your stats. That way people who use Google Analytics can see if they have an unusually high bounce rate compared to their peers or if they have a really low pages per visit stat. Right now when people look at their Google Analytics information - aside from their past experiences - they haven’t really got much to go on in terms of what a good bounce rate or pages per visit value might be. This way one can actually compare with others and then prioritize what needs to get fixed based on what is most out of whack compared to others in their industry.

In the case of Google Analytics, I think that this sort of feature could really change analytics from being a private sort of thing to becoming something that, dare I say, a social network could build around - who wouldn’t want to be featured on the Google Analytics homepage for having the best web stats?

I had this idea a while back and I think it can be applied to a lot of different industries outside of web analytics - sort of like PayScale is doing with salary reporting - but of course an idea is nothing unless you can execute :)
Hopefully we can apply the same sort of idea to RobotReplay in the future.

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* Complete UI Q3

Posted on June 18th, 2008 by Dave Johnson. Filed under AJAX.

We are almost ready to start building for our planned July 1 release of Complete UI Q3 - it is looking like we will be on schedule even! It is too bad we didn’t get everything in that we wanted but there are still a few nice new features.

The most notable updates aside from various bug fixes are Firefox 3 support, a new and improved Calendar and Datepicker component, and JSF versions of all the components!

I am really excited to see what sort of adoption we get for the JSF versions of our components and I think that people will be pretty happy with the new and Calendar functionality.

Time to get back to work as it will probably be a pretty tireless last week and a half.


* Hack Day Results

Posted on June 9th, 2008 by Dave Johnson. Filed under AJAX, Flex, Nitobi.

Despite it occurring on one of the nicest days of the year so far in Vancity, sixteen people came over to the Nitobi offices and hacked the day away. The beer arrived early so those of us who’s projects made a turn for the worse were getting sauced already by two or three - just after the pizza lunch.

When everything was said and done, Yohei came out on top with a Papervision3D version of the Nitobi office! It was pretty damn cool and you can play with it below.

Alexei also showed his NitobiBug tool that is a cross-browser Ajax debugging tool similar to FireBug.

Thanks to everyone for coming out despite the amazing weather (which you can see out the windows of the model of the office below) and the opening of the new Vancouver Apple store :)
We will be having the next one some time in the fall I think.

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* Roundabouts 101

Posted on June 8th, 2008 by Dave Johnson. Filed under AJAX, climatechange, grindsmygears.

This morning I remembered why I never use the Vancouver Ontario Street cycle route - it is littered with death traps. No not the type that you may have seen in the recent Jones movie, I am talking about the invasive species introduced from the UK called the North American roundabout. It can generally by discerned by the motorists driving through it at break neck speeds; one may also identify it by the pieces of broken bicycles and / or cyclists strewn about in various states of disrepair.

If you use the Ontario Street bike route you must have a death wish. I think that Main Street - though you do have to be wary of door prizes in certain areas - is actually far safer for cyclists. I for one feel that rather than being segregated to the back of the bus, in the name of safety cyclists should be using the proper road ways, pissing of the car driving, climate changing commuters.

At any rate, one can see in the lovely animated gif, care of the Wikipedia article, that vehicles entering the roundabout yield to those already in the roundabout - be them cars, bikes or hover boards. What that means here in North America is that when entering the roundabout you give the right of way to those on the left unlike a regular stop sign.

Maybe we just need more magic roundabouts?

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