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* Where 2.0 Workshop

Posted on May 17th, 2009 by Dave Johnson. Filed under Conference, mobile.

I am going to be running a workshop down at the O’Reilly Where 2.0 conference on Tuesday called Giving Your Mobile Apps a Sense of Place.

I am going to cover Geo related features and issues of IPhone 2.2.1, Android 1.5 (aka Cupcake), RIM OS 4.7, and, most importantly, PhoneGap. I will be sure to post the slides once I am done them as well as put all the sample projects up on my GitHub.

If you are in San Jose Monday night then you will probably find me in the bar, whether I am done my slides or not!

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* Windows Compilation Problems

Posted on May 5th, 2009 by Dave Johnson. Filed under Uncategorized.

If you are trying to use midl.exe but have not before or do not have Visual Studio installed, you may come across a few different errors.

One such error that I had was the following:

“command line error MIDL1001 : cannot open input file oaidl.idl”

So I figured out that I had to get the Windows Platform SDK installed but had a hard time finding it. There is a helpful page on MSDN I found that helps you to choose the right SDK. The link never came up in my search results for some reason and I was only able to find it linked from the Windows SDK blog.

I figured that I would just add that to the PATH environment variable as you may expect to be the case but alas it was not. After a long while of trial and error (mostly error really) I found that you can specify certain paths to be included manually as a command line switch

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