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Posted on April 9th, 2006 by Dave Johnson.

Not to be confused with another Dave Johnson like the one of Blog Roller fame, I am a software developer / tech writer / blogger / scientist living and working in Vancouver where there is lots of great mountain biking and skiing. Back in the wild west of Web 1.0 circa 1998 Andre, James and I started a little web development shop while still in high school. Today Nitobi and has grown organically based entirely on our hard work and a generally mythical thing called revenue. At the same time I have received a few degrees from the University of British Columbia (BASc in Electrical Engineering) and Imperial College London (PhD in Experimental Solid State Physics - just about got a world record single junction efficiency).

While planning on returning to my electrical engineering roots one day, these days I have a penchant towards dynamic languages like JavaScript, Ruby and Python with their accompanying MVC frameworks like CompleteMVC (work in progress), Rails, Merb and Django. I also like functional languages like XSLT, Haskell and Erlang. Flex and AIR are starting to take up a significant amount of my time as well.

I contribute to several different open source projects, most notably CompleteUI, which is an Ajax / JavaScript component framework, and PhoneGap, which is a framework that exposes mobile phone APIs to web pages.

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  1. Matt Sheehan Says:


    I shared emails with you last year about geospatial apps on mobile phones. I develop mostly in Flash/Flex. I’m wondering where we stand now on running flash/flex mapping apps on mobiles? Last time we spoke I think flash lite was a possible option. I’m eagerly anticipating building Flash/Flex apps on mobiles, maybe even with GIS capabilities.



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